Crime Scene Clean Up Pricing

It is important to note we are here to help you and not make your situation worse. We will bill you for the initial make safe up font to help have the situation stabilized. The remainder of the amount owing can be paid at the end of the works completed (assuming of course your are satisfied).


In many cases, crime scene cleanup can be billed to your insurance company directly. New Life Crime Scene Cleaners is a preferred supplier for many insurance companies in Australia.

National Crime Scene Clean up Companies 

There are many companies out there who claim to be a national crime scene cleanup in Australia. I personally do not know of one company who is a truly a national company. These companies will do 1 of 2 things.  They will claim to be a local company but they will subcontract your cleanup work to a local company and will charge a lead referral fee which you will end up paying anyway.

The other thing they may do is fly their employees to a job in another location in Australia, purchase the materials for the job locally, hire a car and charge you thousands of dollars for the job.

Crime Scene Clean up Costs

Please call our 1300 number or fill in the form on the right margin so we can discuss costings more closely with you. Our staff are friendly and understanding.


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